So much to do, so little time …..

We’ve had a wonderful time here this summer.  There are so many more people with whom we have made connections and we’ve truly enjoyed having a houseful of guests and sharing our new home with them.  However, there is still much that we need to do before we leave, and I don’t think that we’ll accomplish half  of what we’d like to.

I can’t decide what of the last 7 weeks has been the high point for me, as there are so many facets to what comprises happiness.  I’ve loved having a house full of friends and family here.  We’ve juggled schedules, egos and priorities in order ensure that people had enough input and time with us to (hopefully) allow for a good time but leave us with the time that we have needed to keep the project on track.

The house is certainly better for our having been able to use our nearest and dearest as victims for a dummy run.  Some ideas have been adopted immediately, while other suggestions are under consideration.

One of the seriously good aspects of having guests has been the desire to guide friends towards new experiences (for them) and the fun of hearing about those that were discovered without our input and assistance (thereby extending our personal “to do” list with the things that they’ve found on their own and we now need to experience for ourselves).

A personal first for me happened last night when, coming in from the terrace, we found a pigeon inside the house.  Goodness only knows how it got into the house.  Well that’s a bit of a silly statement as clearly we know how it got in – by flying in through an open window while we were sitting on the terrace enjoying pre-dinner drinks.  So, I guess, the correct thing to wonder is “why?”.  It was my father who spotted it sitting quietly behind one of Graham’s model yachts.  I had a bit of fun scrambling around the mezzanine trying to catch it.  Predictably, it fluttered from spot to spot with me trying to be quietly in hot pursuit!  Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I had it cradled in my hands (the result of a stealth approach from the rear).  The bird proved to be surprisingly docile but, as it was banded, I suppose that it was accustomed to being handled.  I walked to a window on the street side of the house and lofted it into the air whereupon it flew the 30 feet acrosss the road to settle on Michel’s garage roof-top.  New memo to self – remember to close the windows to avoid surprise ingress of wildlife!

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