The boring “about” bit

I bought Les Terraces with my life partner, Graham, in 2009.  Graham was the quiet man, who sat just slightly off side in a group, savouring his beloved beer, and observed life and the people we met.  We resided in the British Virgin Islands for most of our lives. Originally we looked for a property in Europe to use as a “bolt hole” from the Hurricane Season and the hot, humid months of August and September in the Caribbean. But the plan was always to live permanently in France upon retirement (whenever that happened to be).

Owners in residence,

Having travelled widely throughout most of SW France over the course of 2 summers and combed the Internet for even longer in search of our ideal property we almost literally stumbled upon the building I now call home. We always maintained that Les Terraces chose us. The tranquil views of the Dordogne river are seductive, and the attractions, let alone the convenience, of being in a small, beautiful and ancient town are indisputable.

At the time that we bought Les Terraces we ran an accounting and business services company in the BVI, which meant that we could only visit France for short periods.  It was for this reason that we decided to make the house available for holiday rentals when we were not able to enjoy it ourselves.

Making the house a real home (as opposed to a rental property) was both our pleasure and passion.  In 2014 it was time to take the leap and move permanently; a decision we never regretted.  In our time in Sainte-Foy we’ve met wonderful people – locals and visitors alike – and enjoyed the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of rural France.

Sadly, Graham died of complications from cancer in 2018.  As a result, the property has undergone further renovations in order to make it more practical for me to run alone, overseen by Bella the boxer.  Part of this most recent change has been to transform the master suite into a bed and breakfast room, and to make the second floor more accommodating for guests at meal-times.

Thank you for visiting the web site. I hope that this may encourage you to visit the house , and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.