Welcome to Les Terraces

Les Terraces sur la Dordogne comprises an oldish house (circa 13-1400) that forms part of the wall of the Bastide town of Sainte-Foy-La-Grande in what is now called “Nouvelle Aquitaine” (apparently to distinguish it from older versions!).

an oldish house

The house is divided into 3 distinct parts:

The Gite, which is self-catering, on the ground floor, and half of the first floor,

The Suite, which is a B & B (or chambre d’hotes), on the river-side of the first floor, and

The owners’ accommodation, which is on the top floor of the building.


It seems that, quite reasonably, weather is quite a big factor in decision-making when researching holidays. When we were living in the Caribbean Graham was forever wanting to know what the weather “at home” was up to, so I bought him a personal weather centre that speaks to the Internet. Here’s your link to our weather in real time. Enjoy!

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