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Welcome to the Les Terraces blog.  We hope that you will find it informative and occasionally humourous.  Having closed on the house in February of this year there has been much to do.  In fact, there was a lot that had to happen first.

While we did what felt like a huuuuge amount of research before we started on the purchase process we weren’t prepared for all of the situations in which we found ourselves.  The learning curve has been very steep, and it certainly isn’t over yet.  If, perhaps, you are considering buying a house in France then we hope that our sharing our experiences with you might ensure that you aren’t as surprised by events as we have occasionally been.

We are just preparing to head back to Sainte-Foy-La-Grande to check and see how the builders are progressing – last we heard they weren’t – and to see if we can get the house listed with the tourist board.  It is almost certain that the next installment will be written from the top terrace of Les Terraces, perhaps with a good glass of red wine at hand.  See you later, we hope!